What is Emotion and Body Coding?

In a most basic sense, Emotion and Body Code is a technique that works to release emotions that have been trapped in the body. When a person experiences an emotion, the body has a few minutes to process and release it. If they don’t release it in time, it can become trapped in the body. For people that have experienced traumatic events or have general difficulties processing emotions due to other external factors, they might not be able to process the emotion completely, therefore, resulting in a trapped emotion. These trapped emotions can affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Understanding this process allowed me to go inward and face the unnecessary emotions I have been carrying with me my entire life, most of which I had no idea I was holding. Unlike a seasonal cold that can come and go, once a specific trapped emotion is released, it’s gone for good. This technique is not a traditional talk therapy, but rather a powerful tool that can be instrumental to healing and growth in anyone.

Benefits of Emotion and Body Code:

  • Release emotional, mental, and physical energies
  • Renew energetic balance to your, organs, glands, meridians, and chakras
  • Assist clearing heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins
  • Release the energy of pathogens fueling underlying infection
  • Aid in alignment of skeletal structure and soft tissues
  • Determine specific deficiencies in nutrition, sleep, anxiety, and more
  • Release generational cycles
  • Pathogens

    Fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, and parasitic invaders that create havoc with our cells

  • Structural

    The bones, nerves, and connective tissue and this alignment to support function

  • Energetic

    Trapped emotions, internalized traumas, and other mental energies

  • Toxicity

    Heavy metals, chemicals, medical and environmental toxins and more.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

    The foods we eat, nutrients, exercise and personal needs.

  • Systems & Circuitry

    The organs, glands, muscles, body systems and the connection between

Energy Medicine

Everything in the world and our bodies is made up of energy – our environment, our homes, our every organ, gland, tissue and cell is all made up of energy. This holds true for even your thoughts, beliefs, and memories. Think about the power we have when we classify everything as energy and we have the ability to release this trapped energy freeing ourselves from pain. There can be instant relief or we can work together to peel back the layers.

Emotion Code helps to discover and release trapped emotions and create harmony in the body. Practitioners are able to access the subconscious using Body and Emotion Code through muscle testing and basic principles of Energy Medicine. These energy healing techniques have been around for thousands of years across many cultures around the world.

Thousands of cases have shown us the direct impact on specific areas where a trapped emotion had been residing in the body’s energy field. Upon the release of a trapped emotion, pain can decrease dramatically in that area and bodily functions improve. Sometimes pain vanishes completely. Emotion Code helps identify and release trapped emotions to help restore balance and create energetic harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

The fundamentals of Emotion Code and Body Code are accessing your subconscious knowledge through muscle testing along with basic principles of Energy Medicine. Knowledge of the human energy field goes back thousands of years through many cultures around the world. Emotion Code and Body Code build on these ancient teachings by providing a framework for understanding how trapped emotions cause blockages or imbalances in your energy field, and by utilizing a simple yet profoundly powerful way to help clear negative energies for good.

Heart Wall 101

When your body becomes overwhelmed with trapped emotions, your subconscious mind can create what is known as a “Heart-Wall” an invisible wall of emotional energy surrounding the heart. When you have been traumatized or hurt, your subconscious mind will use this energy to protect your heart in order to protect you from any additional pain from that same frequency. Since the heart and heart-wall are made up of energy, over time this could cause physical and emotional pain in the body.

Emotion Code techniques allow practitioners to remove layers of trapped emotions that encompass your Heart-wall, layer by layer. This helps send energy signals from the heart that may increase our ability to give and receive love, feel joy, attract abundance and feel an overall sense of wellness.

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What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing taps into the subconscious, or “Higher Self”, to help answer questions about the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the person. This testing is completely noninvasive yet it can assist in determining the underlying causes of ailments and afflictions that may be causing suffering whether it be from trapped emotions or nutritional imbalances. Because our bodies live and function on principles of bio-magnetic energy, we are able to pin point the negative energies with muscle testing where our minds are otherwise oblivious.

Muscle testing by Proxy

Muscle testing is done by proxy. By definition, “proxy” means to stand for or represent someone. Muscle testing by proxy is used when the recipient themselves, is on the call but do not have to be in person with practitioner.

About Dr. Bradley Nelson

Since 1998, Dr. Brad has been sharing life-changing energy healing knowledge that he obtained through many years of experience as a holistic chiropractic physician, craniopath and pioneer in the field of bio-energetic medicine. He is a teacher, author, creator of Body Code, and speaker who shares his message with audiences worldwide. He and his team have trained thousands of practitioners all over the world. He does not take credit for creating Emotion and Body Code rather he says it’s Gods gift from above.


I started working with Jen to explore and hopefully move on from the emotional damage a series a traumatic events had left on me. With Jenn’s guidance I’m finding the peace and stillness I was unable to find. Uncovering other unresolved and trapped emotions has brought me further than I had hoped for. I recommend Jenn to anyone looking for natural healing or simply improving your quality of life

Erin H.

Michigan, USA

After my first session working on removing my heart-wall, I was able to sleep through the night for 6-7hours. In the past 40 years the most I was ever able to sleep through the night was 3-4hours. The transformation after one session was shocking, but in a good way!

Jane V.

Michigan, USA

Jen worked her healing magic on my pup Tula. I was worried she wasn’t connecting with me because she hated being held, was super squirmy when receiving love, and wasn’t super cuddly. I felt like we both had some sort of barrier up. Hours after her session, my mom first noticed. “Tula keeps coming up to me to be picked up!” We were both shocked. It was like a light switch went off and now she’s my little Velcro pup. And I’m writing this with her curled up in a ball on my lap sound asleep. I don’t entirely understand this energy healing but I’m SO happy I trusted the process for Tula and I.

~ Amanda S

Michigan, USA

If you are on this page of Emotion Coding then like myself you are looking for more of a deeper healing because Emotion Coding opens your souls healing to another level. I am not new to energy healing. I probably have done most of the methods out there. I am also certified in Reiki myself. With that being said I think Emotion Coding is a step above. Jen is a natural, intuitive and a professional. It amazed me how she was able to tap into my body and know where the trapped emotions were -at what age they became trapped and even what generation they came from!! I felt lighter in my heart and body. I highly recommend Emotion Coding and I highly recommend Jen to facilitate the healing that some of us are in search of. She is the best!

~ A.M.G

New York, USA

Before meeting with Jen I struggled with anxiety, headaches and back aches. I learned that I had a heart wall, with 21 trapped emotions. These emotions were released from my body in two sessions. I felt lighter, more peaceful, and no more aches or pains in my body!! I felt an abundance of gratitude and felt closer to my parents, as I was able to release trapped emotions from them too! I definitely recommend and being fully present during the sessions.

~ Autumn B

Michigan, USA

I cannot recommend Jen and her healing with emotion coding enough. I have dealt with anxiety all my life and after working with Jen it felt as if a weight had been lifted and my heart was healed. I noticed huge shifts in my life immediately, a calming in my body and a lightness of my spirit. I feel like a new person, whole, because Jen was able to clear the blocks holding me back from my true potential. I am no longer ruled by my anxiety and that is such a blessing after having struggled for so many years. I truly cannot thank Jen enough for her beautiful healing energy and kind nature. She has a true gift, one that will make this world a better place.

~ Stephanie


Thank you for your time and helping me with my heart walls! I have felt like I have been working on all the areas you disclosed to me all my adolescent and adult life. Your 2 sessions with me have released much of my anxiety and fear. It is now easier for me to capture my thoughts and emotions so that I am not overcome by them. By doing this I can take these to God and walk through them quickly. I feel that this has enhanced my level of understanding my identity and life purpose. 

~ Mary N.


Yesterday My husband commented to me a few times that Hodge was so much calmer then usual. Normally when we are outside working Hodge is whimpering and looking out the windows but, yesterday was the first time he didn’t do that. I told My husband that you released trapped emotions from Hodge of abandonment, anxiety and guilt. He looked at me a little funny but then smiled and said it did something because he is a much calmer dog. 😊

~ K.C

Michigan, USA

I feel Like “Stella”!!! I got my Grove Back!!!! Feels like I lost 5-10 pounds and a huge weight from my whole body. My shoulders are more relaxed than In years and minimal to no bloat in my lower abdomen. Thank you!

~ J.R.


Jen is supremely talented at energy healing. She is so knowledgable about her work and her care for truly helping others shows in the delicacy and skill of her method. Because of this, I felt like I was able to trust Jen in exploring and setting free the sensitive and vulnerable aspects of myself…which she most certainly did! After my first session, Jen did not hesitate to reach out and touch base with me to see how I was doing and to debrief about our session. She took so much time to explain the process to me and to answer any questions I had. I have since recommended Jen to other people who have had the same positive experience with her—they feel like she freed a part of themselves that was suffering for way too long at the hands of energy imprints that weren’t really theirs to begin with. I am so grateful to Jen and her gifts of energy healing and strong intuition. Because of her, I can honestly say I feel freer to lead the life I always imagined I’d live: one with an open, lighter heart and soul. Thank you Jen for all the love and light you share to the world!

~ Diana G